Adding Spout Support to existing open source app


I am new to the scene and haven’t flexed my coding muscles in a while so I am posting seeking guidance on where to begin retrofitting an open source piece of software to support spout sender. I am trying to send from snes9x, an open source super Nintendo emulator. Home · snes9xgit/snes9x Wiki · GitHub

Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Nick,

this is a huge and impressive project and I would certainly like to get Spout output working for you. I had a quick look and might suggest, without any assurances of course :

void COpenGL::Render(SSurface Src)
after line 364
SendTexture(drawTexture, GL_TEXTURE_2D, outTextureWidth(), outTextureHeight());

If I am on the right track and this works, we can refine from there. If not, or if you have any other trouble, please let me know more detail.