Jit.gl.spoutsender - Can it send 16bit color format?

Hi all - I’ve been using max to drive Unity shaders but certain textures need to be at high bitrates and I have no idea how to set it up in Max or the spoutsender.

I took a look here https://github.com/leadedge/Spout2/blob/master/MAX/JITTER/Source/jit.gl.spoutsender/jit.gl.spoutsender.c
and can’t tell if the sender is hardcoded to send 8bit .

Is it a limitation with Max8 or Spout - hopefully it isn’t and just requires the correct flags to be set in the max patcher.


Hi @potatosnake. Thanks for the enquiry.

I have found that the DirectX format R16G16B16A16 is compatible, so sharing 16-bit in Max should be possible.

But the code you refer to is really old and redundant now that Spout externals are available in the Max package manager. It’s probably not compatible with Max 8 and I would not like to advise on how to make modifications.

They are now handled by Rob Ramirez of Cycling '74 and in June 2019 he updated the package. He mentions “support for sending and receiving floating point textures”. Soon after that he updated for GL3.

Probably the best approach is to ask him by way of the Cycling 74 forum.

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seems to work correctly!
had to uninstall and reinstall the package from cycling

OK that’s a good outcome. Rob is the one to progress with this.