My BeatDrop Improvement now has Spout Integration!

Hey! I am new on the Spout Forum.
I have been waited too many days to Integrate this Milkdrop Standalone Visualization with Spout!
First of all, I have downloaded your source code of BeatDrop Spout, then I have readded the new features and bug fixing, plus changed the logo.

If you want to say the history, then let me know when you reply.

You can grab the version that has Spout here: Release Version 1.3 · OfficialIncubo/BeatDrop-Music-Visualizer · GitHub

Simply press CTRL + Z to activate/deactivate Spout Output!
It doesn’t affect the Spout Output with the help text, preset loading menu, preset editor and more besides custom messages, sprites and song titles!

Great work to keep this project updated since it’s inception by Maxim Volskiy.

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Quote at link: Vinyl Reality now supports Spout - #2 by spout

This is really impressive. If you would like to have your logo on the Spout home page, just send me a private message.

My mind: Am I able to post a logo to be featured on the Spout Website or not? :thinking:

I’m sorry if I have deep-thinking, but just askin’.

Sorry for the delay I have sent you a private message.

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