Magic Music Visuals post demo install bug?

I’ve looked far and wide and I think I’m the first person to experience this bug.

I really wanted to put Magic Music Visuals through the paces before I made the purchase. So I installed the demo, watched tuts, got to installing Spout, EVEN got it working within OBS, alpha layers and all. Beautiful stuff!

Here’s my problem. So, I got a little excited, I went ahead and bought the program, installed, registered, everything seems great. Right up until i go to output the feed to Spout to let it do its thing. Well, it’s just not there, ok.

So I run spout again, no success, uninstall demo, no success, uninstall MMV, Spout, and the OBS Plugin. Go to the reg and delete the: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Leading Edge folder. Reinstall MMV, run Spout, reinstall OBS plugin.

It still isn’t there, I uninstalled everything again, gone into my reg and purged any MMV Demo links thinking some pathing was goofed. Reinstalled all again under a different directory, still nothing.

I wanted to drop this on the MMV board, but that software is working just fine, just the spout plugin won’t show up on the “Magic Windows Options”.

I’ve been fighting with this for 8 hours, after dropping $45 on the software, Please send help, suggestions, or alcohol.

NEVER MIND… so mad right now… leave this here for others that might fall to the same blunder?

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Sorry that you had this experience.

The Spout output is actually built in to MMV rather than a plugin. Although the receiver is a plugin (module), and supported by the Magic developer. I did not realise that the “Full Version” download was not actually a full version. But then if you read further on the features page it becomes clear.

Yes the Magic Music Visual forum is the place for you to mention your experience. I am sure that Eric would like to know. Maybe the download page might need clarification somehow.

I will try to help you for any difficulties with the Spout part that the MMV forum cannot answer.


hey hey…

you do need a performer version brother… worth every cent… trust me!

pretty sure your issue will go away when you upgrade… let eric know by email… im sure he can offer you upgrade for few more dollars…

im also long time spout and magic user… if anything comes up… feel free to message here or tag me…

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It was the end of a long day when I was crunched for time. I did buy the performer and the problem was fixed. Just felt like a bait and switch, but yeah, it is actually listed between the two on the website. Maybe in the demo version highlight parts that are performer only and put a (performer only) next to it? Idk.

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