Spout2 Capture in OBS shows nothing

Hi im trying to use the Spout2 Capture with VtubeStudio but it doesn’t show anything on OBS.
Im new into this so idk what to do for fix this.

I have Windows 11
Intel Core i5-11300H

I cant find anything useful to help me fix this problem. Please help, thanks.

As always you should start with the tools available in the Spout release. Do the demo sender and recever work together? Do you see the demo sender in OBS? Do you receive VtubeStudio in the demo receiver? SpoutSettings has help and diagnistics that will help to trace the issue.

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Hii thanks for the help.

The demo receiver works well, i receive the VtubeStudio.
But in the demo sender i think it doesn’t work, its just a cube with the Spout logo.

I went to SpoutSettings but i dont really understand what i have to do.

That’s a good start if you can receive VtubeStudio.

The purpose of the demo sender is to simply show something in a receiver. You should be able to receive it with the demo receiver and also with OBS. That will show whether the OBS side is working or not.

In SpoutSettings, just click “Reset” for the default settings and “OK” to save them.

Ohh now i understand well. Thanks.

Ok so the demo sender and the demo receiver works well together. But the demo sender doesn’t show in OBS :frowning:
Any idea of what is causing of this?

In that case it appears to be isolated to OBS. I would suggest to re-install the OBS Spout plugin. If that doesn’t help, you might get help from the OffWorld Live discord group.

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Hiii i re-installed OBS and also re-installed the plugin and it worked!!!

One curious thing is that i was using the Steam version of OBS but now i decided to install it from the official page and it worked well.

Well, thank you very much for your help!! c:

That’s good news. It’s possible that it was an older version of OBS when you originally downloaded it…

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