Spout Plugin for OBS now supports Spout output (OBS as a Spout sender)

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hello i want to capture audio visual from ableton live into OBS using spout
i already installed spout for OBS …but what should i do in ableton
to make it work the capture de audio visual in OBS

does this guide help you?

Hi @leomac,

that’s a very informative guide that @offworldlive referred you to.

Spout does not support audio. So if you need both audio and video, you could investigate this plugin by David Butler for Max 8.

The OBS NDI plugin by Stéphane Lepin also supports both audio and video. If these plugins work together, you could use OBS directly for recording both audio and video.

Alternatively you could bypass OBS and use the Newtek Studio Monitor from their Tools package.

i already downloaded obs-ndi-master and
jit.ndi-master but i dont know how it works

could you please explain step by step
this ? i dont know how to install

i alson downloaded NDI tools
and installed but dont know how it works
could you please explain it to me

You should find documentation in the NDI tools download. If that is not clear, just run Test Patterns and then Studio Monitor. It should work immediately.

If that works OK you can download and copy the jit.ndi plugin to your Max packages directory to get that working within Max using the help patches and documentation included in the package.

Then you should be able to get the same working within Ableton, but I can’t give you step-by-step instructions for that.

hello i made a blog tutorial of how to integrate video inside ableton live with Spout 2, Vizzable and OBS Studio, including score editing in MaxScore 2, all in max for live devices…

here goes the link, its in portuguese, translate with the option pop window that apears

tell me what you think

looks cool but can you not get a Spout output that you can pickup in OBS with the Spout plugin rather than doing window capture?

explain better, didi you see the site ?
i did not understand the question…

i think that you can Spout output from Ableton Live?

So why not use the OBS Spout plugin to receive your Abelton visuals?

At the moment you are using window capture so you have to play with window size etc to get the resolution you want.

ok later on ill see this

O.M.G I was using VPT8 to get klak spout feed out of Unity

then discovered Spout SDK test output receiver - and routed spout to a virtual monitor (usbc adapter with hdmi dongle for fooling crypto mining gpus (since i don’t have a 4k monitor)) to record via OBS

and now this - the ultimate - straight into OBS = WOAH BABY - so happy

4k60p from unity and i can ditch the usbc adapter + dongle thingy

so happy right now

awesome - great to hear! :slight_smile: