Sending visuals from Magic to an app that will record video and audio

I just recently installed/purchased the Magic application (https://magicmusicvisuals.com), Performer version.

The goal is to create music visuals with audio (sometimes in real-time sometimes pre-recorded) in Magic and at the same time send the video and audio all at once and record it. Is there anything out there that does it all? I am not necessarily looking for free software, pay for software is totally fine.

If there is no software like this, then after installing and configuring Spout what’s the next step? I’ve been trying for several hours to get it to work with Magic and OBS with no luck, it’s just not happening…haha…I think the main issue is that I have three fairly new apps and they all need configuring so it gets confusing pretty quick. Any links to a beginner type of tutorial would be great. Right now, with all the manuals it isn’t happening.

edit: I’ve followed this, OBS Studio and SpoutCam and got that setup correctly I think. But there is no option for the visuals in Magic.

Hi @xr4d11

The OBS Spout plugin by OffWorldLive is very simple to install. There’s nothing else to do other than run the installer. There is a note to say that the release is ony x64 build, so check that you have the 64 bit version of OBS. Re-start OBS and you should see “Spout 2 Capture” in the list of sources. It’s not immediately obvious though and the same is described here.

OBS should have all you need for recording. Spout does not have any audio though, so you will have to manage that separately. You might have success by capture of Desktop Audio in OBS. A Google search brings up quite a few options but I have never explored them.

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edit: I think my issue is I don’t understand Spout, plus the other 2 applications I don’t know too well either.

I see in the manual it states about SpoutCam “Any 32 bit application that supports a webcam (OBS in my case) can receive the output from Spout senders (the Magic video window in my case)”, if I understand this correctly.

In my situation, seeing as I am really unfamiliar with these apps, I figure I would show a moving screenshot of what I am seeing. That usually demonstrates what a 1,000 words can’t. Maybe someone can tell me what I have configured wrong. I am sure it’s something on my end but I am not sure what it is…probably something very simple…haha…thanks for the help and patience.

I think you are confusing Spout texture sharing with SpoutCam.

SpoutCam is a virtual webcam, so you can select it as if it was a real webcam and it will show Spout outputs. I think the problem could be because you are using a 32 bit version of SpoutCam and the OBS version is 64 bit. You should use the latest SpoutCam release here. which registers both 32 and 64 bit versions. After that, SpoutCam will work in 64 bit OBS.

However, SpoutCam is relatively slow and you should not need it at all. Spout itself is a texture sharing system that works at high speed using the GPU and that’s what the plugin by OffWorldLive uses.

In your sources window you have both Spout 2 Capture and Video Capture Device. Remove the Video Capture device to try to get Spout working.

First up, after downloading Spout, use SpoutSettings and make sure you have “Texture” sharing selected and “DirectX 9” is checked off.

Then use the Spout demo programs. Can you receive from the demo sender with the demo receiver? Have a look in the receiver window. Does it say anything about “memory share”?. If so, your system might not be texture share compatible.

If you have Optimus dual switching graphics, this is a common problem and we can go into that further if necessary. Click Help > Diagnostics in the receiver to find out more.

You should also receive from Magic. If that works for “Texture” sharing, OBS should also receive from Magic.

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Wow! This is wonderful. I can now record output from Magic with the help of spout and obs. :ok_hand:t2:Thanks for your help and patience. I uninstalled Spout via the windows registry and downloaded another copy. And I made sure those options were check/unchecked in the Spout Settings.exe, so there must have been something I had checked earlier. And I took also took spoutcam out of the picture. Regardless, thanks for the help! I do appreciate it! :ok_hand:

OK that’s good.

Big thanks to @offworldlive for making this possible with OBS Studio.

i deal with this from time to time…

you can go via spout obs route… ok

or try doing shadowplay record option… but you need secondary screen for your output to record… will be good too…