Looking for workarounds on my AMD card

Hey, having an issue which seems to be pretty normal with AMD GPUs. I do not have nor can I locate (unfortunately) an Nvidia card to use. I still need to use Spout though.

I’m getting these crazy glitch crosshatch patterns when spouting from Magic Music Visuals to OBS Studio. It doesn’t seem to happen when I spout from MMV to TouchDesigner or TouchDesigner to OBS Studio. I am using the OffWorldLive plugin for OBS and the OWL crew has been great at trying to diagnose this with me, to no avail just yet.

I just wanted to check around for any other solutions anyone might have.

It seems like there’s a way to do the send using only DirectX and not OpenGL at all, is there a way to disable OpenGL? One thing I’ve noticed is that while it sends without flickering on Spout 2.007 it cross-hatches, but if I use Spout 2.006 it doesn’t cross-hatch but it flickers constantly.

I can provide screenshots if anyone needs to know what it looks like to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

Hi @chabuku

I replied to your post on the Magic Music Visuals forum with a possible bridge workaround.

The corruption has come up several times and appears to be an AMD driver problem, but only with some cards. I use an older AMD Radeon R9200 without any problem.

Your case is important because TouchDesigner and OBS work for you. I am not sure whether they are using OpenGL or DriectX Spout functions, so I can investigate that. The difference with 2.006 is significant too.

Meanwhile if you could test the link program it will indicate that the driver OpenGL/DirectX interop is possibly the issue, or some other problem with OpenGL.

I apologize for cross-posting, I did not realize you were already there offering the link program. I have tested it out and gave a full-reply/write up over there. Thanks so much for the help. Hopefully I can find a way to file a bug report with AMD on this one as it seems like their issue.