Spout in Mac emulation?

I’m trying to run NestDrop in Parallels on a Mac. To do that, I need Spout. Is anybody successfully running Spout in Parallels or Wine or any such?

It might just be that my video cards aren’t good enough, Intel 3000 and Intel 4000 both error out.

Hi @nottooloud

I have not heard of it, but it would be useful if anybody can let us know of their experience.

If NestDrop works, then potentially Spout will also by way of a dll that NestDrop uses. But, as you say, graphics compatibility could be an issue. If you run the Spout Demo sender and select Help->Diagnostics it might provide some information. Intel graphics has caused problems for others.

If NestDrop works, then

NestDrop works fine. Preview window works. Nothing shows up in the Spout Viewer app, and Spout Settings Diagnostics displays an error message. I’m going to try it on a 2014 MacBook Air tomorrow, that’s got an Intel 5000. I’ve been using Win 7 in Parallels. Also going to try CrossOver’s Win10 emulation.

Diagnostics say
DX 9C installed
DX 9 device available
DX 11 device available
Desktop system detected
NV_DX_interop extensions not supported
Graphics not texture share compatible

Texture share mode is checked. I can check DirectX 9 texture sharing, but it pops up a warning that DX 9 texture sharing might not be compatible with some applications.

NestDrop uses texture share mode, so that’s a no go, but I can’t tell if the GPU or the emulation is the issue. If it’s the emulation, I could try dual boot.

You mention others having trouble with Intel GPUs. Is there a list somewhere of either cards that work or cards that don’t?

The key problem is “NV_DX_interop extensions not supported” in the diagnostics which means that the graphics driver does not provide a mechanism for sharing between OpenGL and DirectX.

On a particular system, you can test whether various OpenGL extensions are available with a viewer (http://www.realtech-vr.com/home/glview).

At left you will se “Extensions”, then at right choose “GL Extensions”, scroll down and find “NV” and open that. Look for “WGL_NV_DX_interop” and “WGL_NV_DX_interop2” which should both be be checked on.

Some time back, a compatibility list was started but it fell aside. There are so many possibilities that such a user supported list is very difficult to maintain. Anything NVIDIA and AMD should work without problem. Some Intel graphics might work but I can’t give you specific models.

In fact the Parallels emulator would have a virtual graphics system which isolates the underlying hardware and driver. So even with compatible graphics hardware, the virtual driver that Parallels itself uses might not be satisfactory.

Ah, an entire day of fighting with Bootcamp. Such joy. But we got there.

2012 Macbook Pro (Intel HD 4000 GPU) and 2014 Macbook Air (Intel HD 5000 GPU) booted into Windows, both working, including NestDrop to Spout to SpoutToNDI, which is what I really wanted. Had to run bluetooth audio on the old MBP, because the Cirrus audio doesn’t work in Windows and NestDrop crashes if there’s no audio device, and I had to enable DX9 Texture Sharing in Spout Settings, but it’s all working.

Thankfully, after such frustration, you have had an excellent result. The DX9 setting is necessary because NestDrop is DirectX 9 only. Ignore the SpoutSettings popup warning for this case.

I decided to explore VirtualBox to see if OpenGL Spout would work with it’s virtual driver. Outcome - no it doesn’t - because only 3 OpenGL extensions are supported! GLView was the key to finding out. I will continue to explore sharing DirectX textures without OpenGL and this will be worthwhile given your report here.

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