Spout works on desktop PC, doesn't work on notebook in my code

Hi, I use this simple code to recevie the image:

	if (m_rcv.ReceiveImage(m_pBuffer))
		if (m_rcv.IsUpdated()) {

			int width = m_rcv.GetSenderWidth();
			int height = m_rcv.GetSenderHeight();
			m_format = m_rcv.GetSenderFormat();
			m_bufferSize = width * height * 4;
			m_pBuffer = new byte[m_bufferSize];


		double fps = m_rcv.GetSenderFps();
		return SPOUT_ERR_OK;

Where m_rcv is SpoutReceiver. It works on my desktop, but it doesn’t work on my notebook, notebook specs: Lenovo Yoga 2, i5-12500H, 16GB Ram, Intel Iris Xe and nVidia GeForce RTX 2050 as graphic cards.

When I test the Spout using OBS on this notebook, it works well. But my code doesn’t (even though the m_rcv.ReceiveImage returns true). The buffer is always full of 0. Any idea, what might go wrong?

I now test also with Spout examples, the ofSpoutReceiver gives me an error:

[notice] spoutGL::OpenSpout - 64bit 2.007 - this 0x8E17DC8
[notice] spoutGL::OpenDirectX
[notice] spoutDirectX::OpenDirectX11
[notice] spoutDirectX::CreateDX11device - default adapter
[notice]     Device (0x8EEED80) - Context (0x8FB7018)
[notice] spoutGL::LoadGLextensions - already loaded
[notice] spoutGL::OpenSpout - GL extensions loaded sucessfully
[notice] spoutGL::GLDXready - testing for GL/DX interop compatibility
[notice]     GL/DX interop extensions available
[notice] spoutDirectX::CreateSharedDX11Texture
[notice]     pDevice = 0x8EEED80, width = 256, height = 256, format = 0x57 (87)
[notice]     pTexture [0x08EE1E30] (256x256 format 0x57) : dxShareHandle = [0x000024C2]
[notice]     Linking test - OpenGL texture (0x0000003) DX11 texture (0x8EE1E30)
[notice] spoutGL::LinkGLDXtextures - device 0x8EEED80, texture 0x8EE1E30, GL texture ID 3
[notice] spoutDirectX::ReleaseDX11Texture (device 0x8EEED80, texture 0x8EE1E30)
[notice]     Test OpenGL and DX11 textures created and linked OK
[notice]     GL/DX interop compatible
[notice]     Using GPU OpenGL GL/DX methods
[error] spoutDirectX::OpenDX11shareHandle (0x00030C2) failed : error = 87 (0x0000057)

Just a note, I’m trying to get a video from Resolume Arena.

Most likely this is a dual graphics notebook with integrated graphics. All programs have to use the same GPU. The easiest way is to use Windows Graphics Settings and set all spout programs to high performance. You can also use Nvidia control panel to create a high performance profile for each program.