Spout on Ryzen notebook

Hello.,…this is the first writing here…

I was using Spout to NDI on Core i5 computer for conecting Arkaos 2.7 to
OBS on another Core i7 computer//
both machine has Windows10.。。。。they work perfectly!!

Then Today I got new Ryzen notebook with windows10 home…
I install same Arkaos and Spout to NDI in same way…

On Spout Panel shows Arkaos out put but,sametime Spout to NDI says No sender detected
so of course OBS shows nothing on another computer…

What is the problem??? Ryzen CPU ?? or Arkaos` bug or Spout Bug???
Please give me some informations!!

Hi @kennack - I hope we can find out what is going on.

I don’t think the Ryzen CPU would give any trouble but the graphics might. What graphics does the notebook have?

The first thing to test are the Spout demo sender and receiver. Do they work together, or do you still see “No sender detected”? What do you see in the receiver window. Is it “Texture share” or “Memory share”?

Then in the receiver, go to Help > Diagnostics, click “Copy” and paste the result here.

Then click “Logs” and an explorer window will open. Look for either “Spout DX11 Receiver.log” or “Spout Memoryshare Receiver.log”. They are just text files so you can open and look for errors. Also attach the log to a post here.

Thank you for quick answer…
My graphic adapter is NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1650 Ti…
the Spout demo sender and receiver work all right…They have no problems,

Doagnostick say Spout Receiver - DirectX 11 (Vers 2.027)
Portable Spout installation
DirectX 9.0c available
Laptop system detected
Optimus Auto-select processor
AMD Radeon™ Graphics (Display)
Microsoft Basic Render Driver (Secondary)
Current adapter : ATI Technologies Inc.
Laptop - discrete graphics
NV_DX_interop extension available
DirectX 11 Texture share mode
How is this??

OK - the next test is to start up Arkaos and see if you can receive from it using the Spout Demo receiver. If that’s OK, start “Spout to NDI.exe”. What happens?

Sorry Nothing happen!!! Even it does not say No sender detected

I mean Receiver say nothing…
but Apout to NDI say No sender detected.

OK this is a good result. Receiver says nothing means that there is a problem with Arkaos output, and I can look into why “No sender detected” does not appear.

I think this can be solved with Optimus setup. Can you find a control panel for Graphics setup? For NVIDIA this would be RH click > NVIDIA control panel.

Look for “Preferred processor” or something like that. You should be able to set this globally to use the AMD graphics instead of the internal Intel graphics.

Try that next.

Do you mean choose AMD Graphic instead of Geforse 1650??

I found 3D global control page in NVIDIA contro; panel, choose…Automatic, High performance NVIDIA,…and one more choice…
I can not trancelate though…maybe this one is AMD ?

Also i found in Suround Physx page…has same 3 choice… is this ???

I have changed them ,but no difference though ???

After this I uninstall Arkaos and install again,!
Then at last it came out on Spout!!!
I do not know what works!! ???

Thank you so much for helping!!! !!
If something happen again…I will come back,thank you…

OK that’s good if it’s working OK. There might have been an update for Arkaos.

The diagnostics showed “AMD Radeon” rather than “Geforce 1650”. Maybe this was a different system.

The third choice was probably “Integrated”. This would choose the Intel graphics for all processes. “High performance” would choose Geforce and “Automatic” would switch between them depending on the application.

If it happens again, have another look at the NVIDIA control panel.