Using Spout with Arkaos Media Master 6


I’m trying to get a spout input to our Media Master 6 installations, and have had nothing but bad luck trying to get the input to load. I’m not sure if I’m missing something obvious, it just seems that there’s no inputs available. Has anyone done this successfully? I’m having no luck with Arkaos support :frowning:


I installed the demo version of MediaMaster 6 to test with Spout and NDI. The documentation is clear that Syphon, Spout and NDI sources are supported.

I can find “Folder 241_inputs” which should list the first 6 Spout and NDI sources, but it is empty. “Folder 243_NDI” does allow selection of an NDI source but it does not show for me. If NDI works for you, Spout to NDI is a workaround.

I tried to open the discussion forum but I get an error “403 Forbidden”. I am sorry that I am not familiar enough with the software to test further.

Edit -
I should add that I was using the Spout Demo sender. Please use that as a standard for testing. Then move on to other software. The Demo sender and receiver must work togetther as a first step.

Thanks for investigating and getting back to us. We managed to get ahold of Arkaos support who have confirmed this is (at least now) a known issue and should be resolved in the next release :slight_smile:

That’s a positive result.