Spout to NDI Version 2.012

Spout To NDI is updated to Version 2.012.

Using Openframeworks Version 11, Visual Studio 2022 and the latest NDI Version 5


Thank you for the update. After testing this release I’ve found a few issues. File → Select sender doesn’t open a dialog box to select a spout source even though there are multiple spout senders active. Right-clicking also seems to do nothing. Is it possible to select an audio source to include in the NDI stream so that I can send it via NDI bridge? Thanks!

If “File > Select” sender is in “Spout To NDI.exe” this probably means that you need to set up Spout for receivers to use the sender selection dialog program “SpoutPanel.exe”.

The path for this program is established when you first run SpoutSetiings or SpoutPanel itself. The latest Spout download is here.

I regret that there no audio settings for Spout To NDI because Spout streams have no audio.

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Thank you for the reply. I was just suggesting that it would be useful to be able to include an audio source in the NDI stream since there are many apps which utilize spout senders that also output audio and there is no external means of injecting audio into the NDI source created by Spout to NDI.

Yes that’s a good suggestion and I can see how it would be useful.

I will keep this in mind when updating the project, but there’s quite a bit involved. It would need a separate audio input selector, then capture that using NDI methods and send it out again mixed with the video.

I looked at the NDI examples and it seems that different frame rates of the video and audio could be an issue. I am not sure whether there are any commercial solutions.

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Thanks for the update. I am able to get the Demo Spout sender to work. But any other source does show up in the Select sender panel but does not convert to NDI and does not show a preview.

I’ve tried Pixera and Touchdesigner as sources.

Any tips?

Quick update. I have the issue’s on my laptop. (intel GPU+RTX2080)

I also tested it on a desktop with the Nvidea T1000 card and there it does work.

It’s probably an issue with the Laptop dual graphics.

All programs have to be using the same GPU. It’s possible that the Spout Demo sender and Spout To NDI are using the Intel adapter but the other programs are using the RTX2080.

In the NVIDIA control panel set to use High Performance adapter in Global settings. You might also have to set up a profile for Spout To NDI to use Nvidia.

In SpoutSettings select “Diagnostics”, click copy and post the result here. Do the same with the Spout Demo sender Help > About - Copy. We might get an idea of what is happening from these diagnostics.

@MewsicalMiqo Following up on this, I have looked into introducing audio sources to Spout To NDI. Unfortunately there are too many variables and I can’t support it.

But audio mixing with a Spout source can be achieved using OBS studio.

Use the Spout2 Capture source plugin by Off World Live, the OBS “Audio Input Capture” source together with the NDI output plugin by Palakis.

Once set up, NDI will retain the settings and you can start it instantly using a command line batch file containing :

start /min obs64.exe --minimize-to-tray --studio-mode

If you want system speaker output as a source you can use VB Cable. I have used this for testing with OBS as described above and NDI Studio Monitor receives successfully with audio output to the speakers.

I hope this is a solution for you.

@MennoBroere If you have yet to solve your Laptop issues we can look at the diagnostics.

Thank you, I will look into it.