Spout to NDI network requirements

I’m running OBS on laptop 1 and Synesthesia on laptop 2. Synesthesia is set to send Spout. Running Spout to NDI on laptop 2 it shows that it’s ‘receiving from’ and ‘sending’ and I see the video.

Starting the NDI monitor on laptop 1 I don’t see this Spout source.

Both machines are on the same subnet, on Ethernet and can ping each other.

Are there any other network requirements I need to ve aware of?

There will be no Spout source on Laptop 1 except from OBS if you have the plugin installed. But there should be an NDI source from Spout to NDI and OBS should see it.

“NDI to Spout” should also see it and then you will have a Spout source. Use the NDI “Studio Monitor” to eliminate plugins.

For advice on network requirements you should ask on the NDI forum.

Edit -
Adding to this, use NDI “Test Patterns” on one machine and “Studio Monitor” on the other to confirm the problem.