New Spout User-Help Needed

I am a new spout user, looking to use it to replace overhead on my gpu that NDI screen capture currently utilizes. I have installed Spout and Spout to NDI. Here’s my issue and why I need help.

I am attempting to send what comes from EasyWorship7 (a presentation software similar to ProPresenter, but less complicated) from my Windows PC to my Mac. Currently, i use the NDI screen capture to “grab” what is on my extended display (lyrics) and send that to my Mac, which has the NDI virtual input installed. The Mac sees my virtual input and I’m then able to broadcast the lyrics, along with the video feed from a camera, out to Facebook. I have noticed a couple of times there is a lag when switching from one slide to the next when the NDI screen capture is running, and am hoping I am utiliize Spout to NDI to replace the screen capture and still be recognized as an NDI input and eliminate the lag. Both the PC and Mac are on the same network.

I have not been able to get Spout To NDI to recognize my extended desktop, to be able to send to the mac.

Hopefully all that makes sense.




Spout to NDI will not recognise the extended desktop by itself. You have to capture the extended display and produce a Spout sender that Spout to NDI can receive from and pass on to NDI.

The best capture solution can think of is OBS Studio which has a Game Capture function that captures full screen or individual windows. Then you can get NDI outout straight from OBS using this plugin.

There is a Spout capture program but it’s limited to what is visible on the desktop, and I am not sure whether it would work with extended desktops. But you can try it.

I hope this helps to solve your problem.

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