Connecting to Spout Stream on Second PC

Hi, all!

I’m a co-streamer with my partner. We are both on the same LAN network. I’m the only person actually streaming, but I want to have their VTuber appear on the stream with me.

We’ve been using, but it has some latency and doesn’t always produce the best quality.

What we’d prefer to do, if possible, is to connect to the Spout stream being created on PC A (my partner’s PC) from PC B (my PC).

My first plan was to use NDI to stream it over to me, but I also want to stream their gameplay over and show it in the corner. OBS doesn’t support multi-target recording, so I’d have to use OBS portable as well to have a recording target for their VTuber and one for their gameplay. This is of course an option, but connecting directly to the Spout output would be a lot simpler from a setup perspective.

Is this something that’s possible?

Thanks for any help!

How are you producing the Spout stream? I guess it is OBS.

If a spout sender has already been created, there is no way of connecting to that.

You would have to use NDI to stream content from another PC to yours. Can the NDI source be positioned over top of something within OBS? Maybe the “cornerpin” filter for adjustment.

The Spout Demo receiver has a “Preview” option so that it can be positioned at the bottom corner. Then capture the whole screen.