Testing in Unity + Max + Processing + OBS


I haven’t used Spout for a couple years, but getting back into it. Quick note: I’m using the latest versions available for all softwares, downloaded tonight.

I was having an issue getting Spout to share video with Unity (using Klak). They could see the named senders, but there was no video being received in either direction. So, I downloaded the OBS plugin to test. OBS was able to see the sender names from both Max and Unity, but was only able to get video from Unity. So, I downloaded the Processing library to test. Processing and Max are able to share video, but not with Unity or OBS. My mind is totally boggled now. Processing ↔ Max works great. OBS ↔ Unity works great. They all see each other’s senders, but the video is not playing together. Any ideas? I’m at a total loss after these tests except for trying on another machine.

I appreciate your input!


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Ah. This is why I don’t usually post things, because the questions are almost always already answered. I had assumed my tests were exhaustive, and I didn’t see any posts on the forums that seemed relevant, but I was WRONG.

My issue was the same as someone else’s that posted recently. I’m running on a laptop and I had to go into the NVIDIA Control Panel and make sure all my spout applications were running on the high-performance processor and that the power settings for that processor were set to “prefer maximum performance.” After restarting applying and restarting all applications after that change, they are now sharing nicely.

Apologies for the unnecessary post, and thank you for all you do make this art-making happen!

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Thanks Zach. That’s good to hear. It often takes a while to untangle the possible combinations.