Spout channels Router or Patcher?

Hi all.

I am using a program that seems to only be able to see the first 4 channels of a Spout sender. (Arkaos MediaMaster Pro 5)
I am using this in conjuction with NIMate2, which sends 2 Spout channels per Kinect device being used (even if the second channel output of the device is set to ‘None’)
For my project, I am using 4 Kinects, but I am only able to use the first 2 devices with MediaMaster.

Kinect1 --> NIMate --> Spout 1.1 (1) + Spout 1.2 (2)
Kinect2 --> NIMate --> Spout 2.1 (3) + Spout 2.2 (4)
Kinect3 --> NIMate --> Spout 3.1 (5) + Spout 3.2 (6) <<< can’t be seen by MediaMaster
Kinect4 --> NIMate --> Spout 4.1 (7) + Spout 4.2 (8) <<< can’t be seen by MediaMaster

Is there a way to route or patch Spout channels to different…‘slots?’
Does a program like this exist? What could I do to get around this, besides only use 2 devices…?

Please let me know your thoughts. I am sending my question to NIMate and Arkaos techs as well.

Thank you!

Hi Ryan,

the first thing that comes to mind, although unlikely, is that the maximum number of senders could be set too low. Use SpoutSettings and check.

It could also be a limitation of MediaMaster. If this is hard-wired, the program could be designed to adapt the number of channels to the maximum number of senders allowed, by retrieving a registry setting -

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Leading Edge\Spout\MaxSenders

Senders are based on names and there is an un-ordered set of these names in memory that receivers can read. You can see this list when you RH click in the Demo receiver.

If the “slot” you are thinking of is a “receiver”, I guess you would get that receiver to receive from a different sender (channel). That would have to be part of the application design.

You might be able to create such a thing using a patch-based program like “Magic Music Visuals”, or “TouchDesigner”, or perhaps something like “Max/Msp”. or “VVVV”.

Or a separate application might be possible. The closest I have seen to this is “Mix-n-Map” by Bruce Lane. It’s designed more for mixing multiple sources but might give you some ideas.