OBS Studio and SpoutCam

OBS Studio has a virtual webcam plugin developed by CatxFish.

Together with the Spout plugin for OBS, this is an alternative where you may not be able to receive SpoutCam in some programs like Google Hangouts and Google meets etc. You will find discussions in this forum or other useful information on the OBS forum or on the GitHub project pages.

  1. Install OBS studio
  2. Install OBS Spout plugin
  3. Install the latest OBS virtual camera plugin
  4. Start OBS studio
    File > Settings > Video
    Set the canvas resolution you want - e.g. 1280x720.
    This will be the output size of the virtual webcam.
  5. Click on the Sources window at bottom left
    Click + Add
    Select Spout2 Capture and OK
    A properties window will pop up - click OK.
  6. Start a Spout sender e.g. the Spout demo sender
    The output will appear in OBS studio as the sender size( 640x360 in this case) within the canvas (1280x720). You can stretch or shrink the image to fit.
  7. Tools > VirtualCam
    Start if not already

Now the OBS virtual webcam is active.
Start a program and select OBS-Camera.

I dont have an option to select spout2 capture, I have spout installed

OK, to be clear.

To see “Spout 2 Capture” in the list of OBS sources, you need to install the VirtualCam plugin for OBS. Download (obs-virtualcam-2.0.5-Windows-installer.exe).

Close OBS, run the plugin installer and open OBS again. At the bottom you will find a small “Sources” window and some icons below it. Click on the “+” icon and you will see a list of sources. “Spout2 Capture” should be in the list.

Select it and you should see a “Spout2 Capture” item in the small Sources window.

Click on that item and it will activate Spout input - as long as you have also installed the Spout to OBS input plugin.

If you do all of that it should work OK.

What version of OBS are you using? I note that the latest version 26 includes the virtual camera plugin, but I have not upgraded to test this.

sorry - you have linked to the wrong plugin here :slight_smile:

This is the Spout to OBS plugin…

Hi @offworldlive - thanks for the correction. I actually made a mistake in calling it a Spout plugin. I understood that the problem for @UniformDread was the lack of “Spout2 Capture” in the list of OBS sources. I have updated the post to make that more clear.

@UniformDread I am not entirely sure what “Spout installed” means because there are 3 of them, including Spout itself. The important one to get the “Spout2 Capture” source listed is OBS VirtualCam. To get that to work with Spout you need the Spout to OBS plugin. To give you full control over Spout setup you should install Spout itself


Oh yeah, I figured it out, turns out all I needed to do was reinstall some plugins