[Solved] SpoutCam as virtual webcam in Zoom & co. How?

Hi folks!

I tried a lot of things, searched a lot of sites, but I can’t figure out how to make SpoutCam be seen as a virtual webcam in applications like Zoom.

Any tutorials to check? Or steps to take?

Thank you!

I have to add. Spout does work. I use it in to communicate between Max and OBS. But SpoutCam does not.

I am checking this tut now and I see that he is installing Spout.

I went to Github releases page and downloaded the last version, but there is no installer where I can choose Spout Cam.

What am I missing?

Ok. I finally got it. I realised that the tutorials I found were for older versions where Spout and Spout Cam came together. I went here and downloaded the latest release. But I couldn’t figure out what to do next.

I actually had to press the Register button inside of the SpoutCamSettings app

All good!

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OK that’s good. I will see if download instructions can be improved.