SpoutCam on vdo.ninja with veadotube mini

Hi. I am trying to set up a virtual camera using SpoutCam on vdo.ninja of a pngtuber I created using veadotube mini. I have the latest versions of Spout and SpoutCam and have Spout stream turned on in veadotube mini, but when I go to add SpoutCam on vdo.ninja I get white noise. How do I create a Spout Sender of my veadotube mini so that SpoutCam will pick it up?
I may need some guidance in getting this to work because this is new tech to me.

SpoutCam will connect with the last sender that was opened. Test this with the Spout Demo Receiver before activating SpoutCam to make sure that veadotube mini is producing a Spout output.

With the latest version of SpoutCam (2.026) you can also set the name of the “starting sender” with SpoutCamSettings.

Spout Demo Receiver is receiving my png from veadotube but SpoutCam isn’t grabbing it.

Without any starting senders, it won’t grab the receiver.

I can’t add the full name of the program file to SpoutCam settings either - it cuts off at (launched…

I will have a look at the long name entry but can’t do it right now. You should not need it anyway to get SpoutCam to show.

I tried the VD0.Ninja web page and can get SpoutCam to show with the Spout Demo Sender after selecting it as a source on the starting page that allows the option to “Add your Camera to OBS”. So the first thing to do is use only the Spout Demo Sender instead of veadotube.

It’s possible that SpoutCam is blocked by the browser. Try a web test such as this one.

I think I found the problem.

The veadotube sender is not setting the required format field of the sender memory information. I see that it is based on Unity so this might require further attention by the plugin developers.

Meanwhile I can bypass the problem and have rebuilt SpoutCam with that method and tested that it works with veadotube.

Please download the version here. Run the new version of SpoutCamSettings and click “UnRegister” and then “Register” to register the new version of SpoutCam.

If this works for you I will prepare a release for SpoutCam.

I am unfortunately still receiving white noise from SpoutCam while I have veadotube mini running. I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. I have run the new version and unregistered and registered it.

Apologies. I gave you the wrong download link.
Try this one - SPOUTCAM_17-03-23.zip.

That works! Thank you so much.

Ok good. At least it solves the problem for SpoutCam. This only affects receiving from veadeotube to a pixel image and will work otherwise for receiving to a texture with a default texture format. Even so, the application should be fixed to include the texture format in the sender memory information.

I will proceed to prepare an updated SpoutCam release. Meanwhile, the download provided above can be used.