Spout and ffmpeg

Hello there!
Can I use spout as an input device?
When I get the device list with command
ffmpeg -list_devices true -f dshow -i dummy I doesn’t see the virtual camera (spout).
Help me please.
Best regards.

Hello @DufeRob,

I have never tried SpoutCam with FFmpeg but it should be possible because it’s simply a DirectShow filter.

The command you listed works OK for me :

[dshow @ 000001705669c7c0] DirectShow video devices (some may be both video and audio devices)
[dshow @ 000001705669c7c0]  "SpoutCam"
[dshow @ 000001705669c7c0]     Alternative name "@device_sw_{860BB310-5D01-11D0-BD3B-00A0C911CE86}\{8E14549A-DB61-4309-AFA1-3578E927E933}"

The problem could be a 32-bit/64-bit issue. Download the latest Spout update (Update 3d) and follow the instructions in setup.pdf to register SpoutCam. This will register both 32 bit and 64 bit versions on a 64 bit system. FFmpeg should then detect it.

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Great! Thanks! Now it works! Spout Update2 was not listed. Thank you.

OK, that’s a good outcome. I had not thought about FFmpeg before. This opens up all sorts of possibilities.

For best performance the sender resolution width should be a multiple of 16. WIth SpoutCamSettings, select “Active sender” and 30 fps. Then SpoutCam will match resolution with the sender and copy will be most efficient.