Spout Recorder project

Here is a simple console application to record a Spout source to video using FFmpeg.

It’s an example of receiving from a Spout source without dependency on OpenGL, DirectX or Windows and using FFMpeg for real-time encoding. For those familiar with FFmpeg, various options can be explored with command line arguments by using a batch file, such as encoding with x264, x265 and Prores.

Those not so interested in these things, can still try it out by downloading the release and following the instructions or look at the LightJams Spout recorder or OBS studio with the Off World Live Spout plugin. Other applications also provide directly for Spout input and video recording.

SpoutRecorder Version 1.001 now has the option to record system audio with the video, thanks to the virtual audio device developed by Roger Pack. This is a DirectShow filter that can be used by FFmpeg to record the audio.

Just press “F2” instead of “F1” to record audio with the Spout output. To help with registration of the filter there is a dedicated dialog program to do the job.

There is also a new hotkey ALT+Q which stops recording and quits the program even if it is minimised or obscured by a full-screen application.