SpoutCam only shows noise

Hi there!

I am trying to use SpoutCam to send Spout data from Max to the browser, more specifically to VDO.ninja.

I believe I managed to get an image once, but now whatever I do, I only get gray noise instead of any video data. You can check a screen shot here https://ibb.co/7trM7fq. I have Spout senders opened including the one created by SpoutSender.exe

Any idea what I should do in order to have a video stream sent via SpoutCam?

Thank you so much!

So that I know what version you are using, have you downloaded SpoutCam from here.

First, make sure that the Spout sender is running before you open the software to capture the webcam.

What software you are using for the Spout sender? What is the webcam capture program? Can you test the webcam before joining a room?

Does SpoutCam work with other software such as OBS?

Also it’s useful to see diagnostics for your system. Open SpoutSettings, Click Diagnostics and then Copy and paste the result here.

Thank you so much for your answer. You are right. I tried outputting Spout from Unreal Engine using the OWL plugin. And this does not work. I am using Unreal Engine 4.26.2 and OWL plugin v1.1.12.

I’ve had some issues with this plugin before where I couldn’t see the Spout output in OBS while being able to see it in Max. Now the issue with OBS is resolved. I now can get Spout from Unreal Engine to both OBS and Max.

Back to SpoutCam, it seems that if I generate a Spout stream via OBS, I can see that steam in OBS while selecting SpoutCam as Video Capture Device. But I cannot see the stream in SpoutCam coming out of Unreal Engine.

I will write to the OWL devs and to that community to see if this is a well known bug. If you have any suggestions, do let me know.

BTW, is there a way to select which stream to use in SpoutCam when you have multiple streams open?

Your observations could be because SpoutCam will not receive from more than one sender.

SpoutCam will receive from the most recent sender started. If that sender closes, it will receive from the next in the list.

To see the output from Unreal, you have to first stop the output from OBS, then start Unreal Spout output and then activate the SpoutCam input in OBS. Does that work?

Unfortunately there is no way to select a particular sender from SpoutCam.

Yeap. I understand now about the source selection part.

I only opened Unreal Engine and SpoutCam couldn’t get any stream from it. No luck. There are some issues there.

I asked the devs from OWL to share their opinion here. I hope they would that and share their experience with SpoutCam.

I did a short video where I show that there is definitely a problem with the Spout stream coming out of Unreal Engine OWL plugin if it’s used in SpoutCam.

Sorry for the fact that I didn’t do a screen capture. I didn’t manage to use the screen capture provided by Windows and wanted to quickly do this demo

Please let me know what you think.
Thank you!

Your video isolates the problem to the Unreal plugin.

I believe the plugin is based on the Windows DirectX sender example. You can download that example executable and try it.

You said that you had the same problem with OBS before but this is now resolved. Was this using the Off World Live OBS spout plugin?

I managed to get Unreal Engine and the offworldlive plugin working.

I believe there are a couple of problems.

First the Unreal plugin is producing a sender but not recording the texture format. You can confirm that by using the Spout demo sender and RH click to bring up the sender selection dialog, then click on the texture format button. It should show the sender details with Format = 0. The Unreal plugin is probably not filling this sender format field.

The DirectX example receiver will not work either

The other problem is the actual texture format produced by Unreal engine. I detect this as 16 bit float rgba, but SpoutCam uses 8 bit rgb pixels and normally there is a conversion between 8 bit bgra and 8 bit rgb.

It might be possible to create a function to convert from rgba floats to rgb, but it would be easier if the output pixel format of Unreal Engine could be changed. Can this be done by the user? If so, choose bgra format.

The plugin still won’t work, but the example directx receiver might.

Thank you for looking into this. I sent your message to the team working on the OWL UE Spout plugin and they said they will look into it and will try to add what you suggested.

I will update the info here when I find of any news. :wink:

Thank you so much and have a great day!