Multiple Webcam Outputs

Hey guys I’m new here.
I am using spout to send my resolume output to OBS. Given I am new and unaware what the difference between regular spout and spoutcam are, I chose spoutcam. It works perfectly and just faster than through NDI, so that’s awesome. I use resolume to add effects to video footage, that I will eventually stream through OBS. I also add effects to webcam footage. So in resolume, I set a “Live Input”, choose my webcam, set output to spout then I go to OBS and choose Spoutcam as input and I’m good to go. This works great with one webcam, but I eventually want to add a second or even a third webcam. My question is, will I be able to set up these individually as “Spoutcams”? Like Spoutcam2, Spoutcam3 etc.?

Hi @bonjee

SpoutCam is a single DirectShow filter and so unfortunately you can’t have multiple SpoutCams.

But you should be able to work with the OBS Studio Spout source plugin by OffWorldLive instead of SpoutCam. It will be much faster.

I am not all that familiar with Resolume but I believe that multiple spout outputs can be done. You might search on the Resolume forum or post a question there.

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