Multiple PS3 EYE camera on TouchDesigner


I am struggling with the possibility of connecting several PS3 EYE cameras on TouchDesigner. I tried several of these driver solutions but none helped. DirectShow only shows a single camera.

Would it be possible to use Spout or SpoutCam to solve this issue?

I’ve seen on this topic that it seem to be related to DirectShow limitations to use only one camera. However, TouchDesigner has an TOP called Syphon Spout In and Syphon Spout Out. Would it be possible to use multiple cameras using these objects and somehow bypass DirectShow? Any other posibilities?

Yes the Directshow filter for SpoutCam has a single “CLSID” identifier. To make more than one camera, there would need to be mutliple filters with different names and identifiers with separate registration for each. The same would apply to the PS3 EYE Directshow filter.

To get the PS3 EYE camera into TouchDesigner as a Spout source, the camera software would have to support Spout output. Unfortunately, I can’t find any mention of this feature being is available. Additionally, to have multiple camera sources, there would have to be some means to change the output name for each one.

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Do you see any possibility by using the Libusb PSEYE Driver or the IPIsoft PSEYE Driver?

I have managed to get multiple PS3 EYE on the IPIsoft PSEYE Driver, however I could only record the cameras from within their recording studio. Would it be possible to send this cameras to SPOUT and then redirect to TouchDesigner?

Not without creating an entirely new application that detects USB cameras or specifically the PS3 EYE.

The only thing possible might be screen capture if you can get a window for each camera.

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