Process two screens into one through game view?

I’m sorry, but I need your help.
I made a game in Unity3d.
Scene 1 - UI
Scene 2 - Video component video playback on the camera
Scene 3 - Gameplay (Monster Camera 1, Background Camera 1) You need two cameras.
Scene 4 - Video component video playback on the camera
The camera scene changes 4 times, and the 3rd scene has two cameras installed at the same time. Since the video is output as one video with 4 beam projectors, I want to Sender Spout the game view. However, all the methods I found were using rendertextures.
Some experienced person said that he solved the game view by coding SenderSpout, but he doesn’t tell me how.

As a render texture, each of the right two is spouted separately.
As shown in the picture below, it should be combined into one image and sent to Madmapper.
So sending the camera’s game view solves it, but the camera’s game view is not being sent to the spout. I need a coding script. If anyone knows how, please help.

I think this has to be done by the plugin within Unity. Are you using the KlakSpout plugin? It’s probably necessary to modify that plugin as your experienced person could be suggesting. If you are able to do this, it would be worth asking about possibilities from the plugin repository.

I the camera’s game view is visible, it should be possible to capture this window as a Spout output and receive in MadMapper. Have a look at this application which captures individual windows at high speed.

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