RetroArch spout to unity

Hello, I have been trying for a long time with GitHub - hecomi/uWindowCapture: This allows you to use Windows Graphics Capture / PrintWindow / BitBlt in Windows to capture multiple windows individually and easily use them as Texture2D in Unity. to be able to play retro games within Unity but with unwanted effects such as cuts and stops and even delays, I know that with spout things change because in emuvr They use spout, the thing is that even though the version they have has spout, it only works in emuvr and not in any other project in Unity, does anyone have an idea how to implement spout in retroarch??? , thank you.

I believe this could be done by using Spout within the uWindowCapture plugin. Are you the author of the plugin?

Hello, no, I am not the creator of the plugin, the plugin works well but it is much slower than spout and it seems to consume more, hence the stops and delays that I mention.

The thing is that retroarch would have to be patched with spout to send video but I have no idea, in Unity there is already spout to receive the video, the thing would be how to patch retroarch.

OK I understand.
The Retroarch developers would have to modify their project for Spout output. Perhaps their forum could be the place to ask if this is possible.

Hello, I had another question taking advantage of this thread, is there a spout sender dll for dx9-11 and open gl programs? I know that for people who create these dlls to hook up with the graphical API of each program, this would be good to have many programs that do not have the source code, for example to use in VR playing from an environment in Unreal Engine or Unity, although It would give more possibilities than just VR, I think it would have more uses.

PD: If not, there is some form of rewards as payments, I know that there are platforms that put money as a reward for making these requests, I wouldn’t mind putting in some money and I suppose many wouldn’t either since I think this would have a very good effect. utility.

I believe you are thinking of “hooking”, where the dll is “injected” into a process and finds a method that it can hook into. There are methods for applications based on D3D11 but less common for OpenGL.

I have looked into this, but it’s not simple and I am not sure that any developer would support a process that hooked into their application like that, potentially causing problems. Also it’s likely that any program using this method would be caught by anti-virus protection.

Screen capture does not interfere with the process being captured and the “uWindowCapture” project you mention is likely to be very fast because it uses “WinRT” methods. Another application that uses these methods is Win32CaptureSample. This is independent of Unity and might offer a solution to the cuts and delays you mention.

Many developers have been very supportive of this open source project and have offered their plugins free of charge so there is no pay for service system in place.

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Hello again, thank you for answering, I did not know about this program, it has been tested above and if it can be very useful, thank you very much for sharing it :slight_smile:

This is a very good program professionally developed by Robert Mikhayelyan. I recommend it over the many other screen capture solutions. The significance for your project is that it captures individual windows at high speed. I hope it proves to be successful.

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