Window capture in Unity

I am trying to capture any external window as a texture within the unity game engine and have been pointed to using spout. The main problem I am having is the lack of documentation and the unity plugin being broken and not updated in three years.

My questions: Can this be used to capture an external window to a texture in a unity program? If so, how do I set it up to do that? Is there any documentation for this?

What plugin are you using? I assume it’s the one by Keijiro which is the most used, although it is 3 years old as you say. There are also a number of others listed here.

I don’t know that any of these will do screen capture. You can try this application. Operation is self-explanatory. This will produce Spout output, and then you will need to import that to Unity.

Thanks for the links. I assumed the plugin by Keijiro was THE plugin, as it is the one linked on the main spout website.
I’ll take a closer look at the application later but looks like what I’m after.

So I am now using sloopidoopi/Spout4Unity to get the output from the application you linked and it works great when the script is attached to a mesh renderer object. Ideally it would work with canvas renderers as well, but I’ll have to mess with that after work. Thanks for your help :grin: