Question: connecting a hardware webcam to Spout?

I’m using NestDrop and I would like to add a Spout sprite to it.

Specifically I would like to connect my Logitech webcam to Spout so that it would appear as a Spout sprite in NestDrop. I can then overlay that on other presets withing NestDrop.

Does this make any sense?

So my question is how do I connect my Logitech webcam to Spout?

I have researched this a bit and this may be a route:

  1. Connect the webcam to OBS
  2. Out put OBS to Spout

Is this correct? is there a simpler route?

Thanks for any guidance.

UltraLiver (aka DJ Fatty Liver)
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Yes that would work just fine. You could do the same with any program that accepted webcam input and Spout output.

If you have some programming expertise there is a webcam example that you could work on. But OBS might give you more flexibility with output resolution

I don’t know whether NestDrop takes webcam input directly. I was about to suggest asking on their Reddit forum but I checked and it looks like you have done so already.

I updated the webcam example. There is an executable “ofSpoutWebcam.exe”. It might be too basic for you but it works. You can download the “bin” folder here.

Thanks so much for your help.

I think OBS is fine. At first I thought it was too big a program to integrate into the workflow but the workstation I am using is designed for video workflows and seems to handle NestDrop, OBS, and my DJ software just fine.

No problems. OBS has many more options for you.