Spout 2.007.013 for 2024

Version 2.007.013

Download from the link above.
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New demo receiver and sender applications are now part of he download. Developers can find details in the repository recorder and shader classes.

The sender allows selection of output format, such as 16 bit unsigned or 16 and 32 bit float.

The receiver has image adjust functions using compute shaders. Adjustments are brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma and sharpness. As well as sharpening by way of unsharp masking, there is an “Adaptive” option that activates Contrast Adaptive Sharpening, developed by AMD. This reduces edge ringing and produces a subtle and effective sharpening effect. As well as the usual full screen display, the image can be re-sent for input into other programs.

Image capture has the additional option of Luminance HDR High Dynamic Range for 32bit float textures such as produced by TouchDesigner. High contrast range images can be processed using tone mapping to select brightness and contrast levels for low dynamic range display.

“SpoutSettings” and the sender selection program “SpoutPanel” have been revised for improved diagnostics.

Supporting applications have also been updated :

SpoutCam Version 2.031

Spout for Processing
Version 11 (release 2.009).
Available from the library manager.

Spout to NDI Version 2.021

NDI for Magic Music Visuals, Version 1.021

VirtualDJ plugins Version 2.009

Spout SDK files have been improved and can be used without changing existing source code. Changes can be found in the update document, revised documentation and in the OpenGL examples.