32bit RGBA float video recording?

Hey there!

Looking for some help on this one, any support is amazing! :slight_smile:

I’m creating RGBA 32 bit float video within Touchdesigner and outputting this to Madrix (a lighting control pixel software) with spout…

It looks absolutely amazing, so super smooth!

But when I goto record this as video, and load it into the lighting software to playback I am loosing a lot of quality.

Is there a Spout recorder, or another spout active software that could support me recording or making the video with that ability of resolution?

Let me know :slight_smile:



How are you recording the video? Is it with TouchDesigner or with other software after output as a Spout texture?

The video recorders I am aware of expect 8 bit rgba pixels. However, 16 bit and 32 bit float textures are compatible with texture sharing and there is a possibility for recording at higher bit depths.

For example, there are many pixel formats accepted by FFmpeg and potentially 16 and 32 bit textures could be converted to the required data format, but there is some investigation necessary before this would be possible.

Follow up. This can be done but it’s not a straight-forward process to use FFmpeg.
You should be able to record a high quality video using TouchDesigner by selecting the codec and settings for high quality. The x625 codec has 10 bit pixel format and HAP HDR has 16 bit float format.