Spout out snapshot / screenshot

I need just a snapshot (jpg), from a spout out of mad mapper application, is that possible?
Actually, I need something similar to syphon recorder but for windows, I found lightjams spout recorder, but that app can’t capture screenshots/snapshots but only videos (mp4). I can capture a frame from the saved videos, but I need so many static jpg, and it is big loose of time…any idea?

Thank you

Hi @christos

Sorry for the delay in reply to your message.

You are right that you need an application that will create snapshots. The only one I can think of is VLC media player.

You can use SpoutCam - “Media > Capture Device”, then “Video > Take Snapshot”.

In SpoutCamSettings you might need to check “Swap” on to get correct colours.

Thank you very much, a little one problem that I can;t understand
Somewhere in the way, I am loosing the resolution/dimensions
Actually I publish a 1024X1024 frame, but finally in vlc I receive something like 4x3
Any Idea?
Thank you so much…and I am sorry for my limited Knowledge

Yes I see that. I assume it’s an Aspect Ratio setting. But I can’t work out what it should be. If I change to “Video > Aspect Ratio > 1:1”, VLC window changes to square OK, but the snapshot is still 1920x1440, compressed in height. If I change to 4:3 I get 1440x1400 but it seems to have cropped the image horizontally. Maybe there’s a setting I have missed. I can say that the webcam image received by other applications is indeed square as expected. I am not sure what to suggest.

I found that the aspect ratio problem is due to the settings for the capture device when it is opened. This can be solved , but then the snapshot is upside down.

This is really not a good solution and it’s quicker for me to modify an existing Openframeworks application which can be found here.

Press F12 and you will get an image in bin>data. The readme explains a little more.