Not receiving from Live and last update failing

Hello there, I’m a noob with spout and max. I’ve installed the package for Live, Spout 2.07 because the last update was giving me an error when I opened Live (problems with open gl)
Then i downloaded the Receiver from the website, but it turns out that it doesn’t receive anything from Live.
Here i copy the text from the Diagnosis window, at the bottom you can see that clearly something is wrong, how can i fix it?
Thank you!

DirectX 9c installed
DirectX 9 device available
DirectX 11 device available
Intel(R) HD Graphics (Display)
Microsoft Basic Render Driver (Secondary)
Current adapter : Intel
Desktop system detected
NV_DX_interop extensions available
Warning : OpenGL/DX11 texture sharing failed
Compatibility - Texture (DirectX 11)

Hi @mtozzola

Your diagnostic report indicates Intel graphics and says that it is not compatible with OpenGL/DirectX texture sharing.

This would explain your problems with OpenGL and why the demo receiver does not show anything from Live. Please confirm that by starting the Spout Demo sender and receiving from that.

From the diagnostics you show, it looks like you are using an older version of the demo receiver.

The latest 2.007f update is here. Unzip to a convenient folder and run “SpoutSettings”. This has a diagnostics button. Please post the result here so that we can compare the result.