Spout 2.007 is Identified as a trojan

Windows 10 (20H2) detect spout zip file as a trojan
file: C:\Users(USER)\Desktop\SPOUT-2007.zip->SPOUT-2007/SPOUTPANEL/Win32/SpoutPanel.exe
webfile: C:\Users(USER)\Desktop\SPOUT-2007.zip|https://raw.githubusercontent.com/leadedge/leadedge.github.io/downloads/SPOUT-2007.zip|pid:2396,ProcessStart:132571079934333079

Thanks @vjkatza

I have been informed about this by somebody else. I am in the process of re-building everything and will make a GitHub release and point to that instead of a direct download.

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All programs have been re-compiled and assembled into a new zip file and can be downloaded as a GitHub release.

Scanned with AVG and test downloads with Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Firefox developer.

I received a Chrome warning that the file is not commonly downloaded and may be dangerous but can’t do anything about that.

If this still doesn’t solve it, I will rebuild again but excluding the Visual Studio runtime dlls which will then need to be installed separately. This is an inconvenience and requires modifications to the setup program that I would rather avoid but will do so if that’s necessary.

Please let me know the result.

Great, This one solved the problem for me.

Thanks very much for that.

These false positives are outside of my control. All I did was compile exactty same code.

On further investigation, using Virus Total, I have discovered that virus detection occurs only when compiled as 32 bit and only when the Visual Studio runtime libraries are included. Of course it’s exactly the same code!

What I will do in future is release as 64 bit but with a separate 32 bit download for people using Windows 7. The 32 bit download will have programs that require installation of the Visual Studio runtime.

The main thing is that you are up and running…

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Sounds like the github release is also throwing positives.


I have been making tests with different compile methods and using Virus Total to check. There seems to be a problem with 32 bit builds. The 64 bit builds are un-detected. Mind you this is EXACTLY the same code!

I am checking each executable as undetected with Virus Total and then I will make another release 64 bit only. There are a few changes needed anyway.

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The 2.007 release file has been updated.

The programs have been revised and checked with Virus Total. The zip download file “SPOUT_2007b.zip” has also been tested with no detections from the 63 engines used.

The programs are now 64 bit only, but a separate archive with 32 bit versions will be considered if there is demand for it.