360 degree SPOUT/ OBS livestreaming from Unreal Engine (DX12 compatible)

Hey - we’ve released a free camera for 360 degree live-streaming from Unreal Engine

It works the same as our 2D SPOUT livestreaming camera - you just drag and drop it into your scene and it will automatically output to SPOUT.

The 2D camera also has a SPOUT receiver for Unreal (DX12) which people might find useful…

You can use both with our SPOUT to OBS plugin

If you have any questions hit us up on here or on our Discord

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You work just keeps getting better and better.
This must open many opportunities with Unreal Engine.

Many thanks!

Yes, we are working away :slight_smile: There are lot of fans of SPOUT now! - nearly 35,000 people using our Unreal cameras.

We’ve still got a couple of cool things in development as well!