Send from Unreal to Processing

Hi all,
I am trying to send live stream camera from Unreal Engine 4 to Processing.
I saw that with Spout it was enough to use the sketch of the Processing library to receive the video, but I don’t find instructions to do that with the new LightAct.
Is there any way to do this?

Hi @Jaco

you can use a plugin by OffWorldLive to send from UE4.

After you install the “Spout for Processing” library using the “Sketch > Import library” menu function, you can find a Spout library example receiver in your sketchbook folder that will receive from the UE4 sender.

But I am not sure how the OffWorldLive plugin works with the most recent version of Lightact or how their texture sharing interacts with Spout senders/receivers. Perhaps you can find an answer on their support forum or ask on the OffworlLive community group.

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