Dynamic variables

Hey there,
I just saw this Video.

He is working with the SpoutBox there is this SpoutController.dll and an textfile.
In Spout 2.006 SPoutBox is not available

My question is how can i use dynamic variables in Resolume to change configuration in

thanks a lot

Hi Lorenz,

sorry for the delay in reply - internet problems.

As you know, Resolume changed to FreeframeGL 2.0 a while back, so plugins built for FreeframeGL 1.6 are no longer compatible.
The SpoutController plugin is complicated, so conversion is not simple. However, I have made a replacement and it seems to work OK.

Download both the 1.6 installer and 2.0 update from here.

Apart from the change to FreeframeGL 2.0, Resolume no longer finds plugins in sub-folders and this requires changes to where the various files are located. This is in the update documentation. If you can get the SpoutBox example working, you should be able to do the same with the sketch you refer to.

thanks a lot!
I will try and will report what happend :slight_smile: