Spout cannot create DirectX/OpenGL interop

Greetings everyone!
I created several projects with unity, using SoputSender’s script to connect to Resolume. Auto loop these items. But a few hours later, soput cannot create DirectX / OpenGL interop appears. What can I do to solve this problem.
Need help! Thank you very much.

I’m using amd graphics card. Is it related to graphics card?

Hi @FFM528

somehow your post got lost over Christmas and I have only just now caught up with it.

I assume you are using the KlakSpout plugin.This sounds like a leak to me, but it might not be in the plugin.

There is a known leak issue for Resolume with “DX9” mode. It could be anywhere, but to avoid the problem, if you are using Spout Version 2.006, check “DirectX 9” off in SpoutSettings.

Better still, after you do that, change to Spout Version 2.007 which does not have that setting.

To confirm you can use “regedit” to find. -

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Leading Edge\Spout\DX9

It should bet set to 0 or removed completely.