Problem sending virtual dj video to resolume


I am using windows 11 and I am trying to get my virtual dj video feed into resolume Arena to map on my led walls. I have followed all directions that I have found online but can’t seem to get anything to work with spout. Any help would be appreciated.

A little more detail would help. Is it a laptop?

Use the diagnostics in SpoutSettings to find out system compatibility and the help buttons at the side for more information.

To isolate the problem, test communication between other programs, such as between the Spout demo sender and receiver, demo sender to Resolume and VirtualDJ to the demo receiver.

Edit -
I have updated the Spout plugins for VirtualDJ. I have tested them with the latest version of VirtualDJ. Try these and let me know if that solves the problem or not.

i’m also trying to send virtual dj into resolume using spout in a fresh install of windows 11 in my desktop tower. I have the newest release of VDJ running perfectly and resolume running perfectly, so i know that’s not the issue. I’ve followed the github directions, but i know that I have to be missing something. is there any help you could offer?

As with the previous poster, there are hardware issues that can cause problem and it’s a guess to what the problem is if that is not known. What is the hardware?

You can do some basic things to narrow it down. Do the Spout demo sender and receiver work together? Does Resolume receive from the demo sender. Does VirtualDJ receive from the demo sender. Does the Demo receiver receive from VirtualDJ and Resolume?

Please run “SpoutSettings” and refer to all the help buttons. Then click “Diagnostics”. You should see “Compatible for OpenGL texture sharing”. If you click “Copy” you can post the results here. Diagnostics > Logs > SpoutSettings.log will show more detailed information.

Thanks for your quick reply! Here are my diagnostic results

2 graphics adapters
(0) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER
(1) Microsoft Basic Render Driver
NV_DX_interop extensions available
OpenGL/DX11 texture sharing succeeded
Compatible for OpenGL texture sharing

DirectX 9c installed
DirectX 11 device available
Processor : x64 (AuthenticAMD)
AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor
Supports : SSE2, SSE3 for CPU pixel copy
8 GB total memory.
2 graphics adapters
(0) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER
(1) Microsoft Basic Render Driver

And from the logs:

Spout log file

2024-01-10 06:52:12
[notice] SpoutSettings : SpoutPanel already registered
[notice] spoutGL::OpenDirectX
[notice] spoutDirectX::OpenDirectX11
[notice] spoutDirectX::CreateDX11device - default adapter
[notice] Device (0xBA09A80) - Context (0xE114D58)
[notice] spoutGL::LoadGLextensions - all extensions available
[notice] spoutDirectX::OpenDirectX11(0xBA09A80) - Class device already initialized
[notice] spoutGL::GLDXready - testing for GL/DX interop compatibility
[notice] GL/DX interop extensions available
[notice] spoutDirectX::CreateSharedDX11Texture
[notice] pDevice = 0xBA09A80, width = 256, height = 256, format = 0x57 (87)
[notice] pTexture [0x0F2667B0] (256x256 format 0x57) : dxShareHandle = [0x00003702]
[notice] Linking test - OpenGL texture (0x0000001) DX11 texture (0xF2667B0)
[notice] spoutGL::LinkGLDXtextures - device 0xBA09A80, texture 0xF2667B0, GL texture ID 1
[notice] spoutDirectX::ReleaseDX11Texture (device 0xBA09A80, texture 0xF2667B0)
[notice] Test OpenGL and DX11 textures created and linked OK
[notice] spoutGL::CleanupDX11()
[notice] spoutDirectX::CloseDirectX11(0xBA09A80)
[notice] spoutDirectX::ReleaseDX11Device(0xBA09A80)
[notice] no outstanding refcount

But i think the main issue i’m having is trying to follow along with the updated VDJ plugin documentation. I might be doing it wrong, but seems that i have to go between 3 different documentation sheets and some things seems to negate each other between them

The hardware tests show no errors, so everything should work correctly as suggested for the tests between applications above.

The latest plugins were re-named, leaving out the “VDJ” prefix and the documentation needs to be updated as well. But apart from that, the copy locations are correct. That’s all you need to do. Then the plugins will show up in the Virtual DJ list.

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