Spout VDJ incompatible wih latest version

Hi, I’ve been using SpoutVDJ and SpoutNDI to send videos to Resolume Arena for a while now.
But I’ve recently updated my Virtual DJ to version 2023 build 7482.1932 and after trying to activate the effect under FX VIDEO it doesn’t work, and says “SpoutSender (INCOMPATIBLE)”. A popup also appears and says “This effect doesn’t seem to be compatible with this version”.

I checked that I’m using the latest version, v2009 from December 2023.

Any idea about this issue? Many thanks in advance!

To check this, I downloaded the v2009 plugins and copied to the required folders, then opened VirtualDJ, which prompted me to upgrade.

I upgraded to the most recent release. The help dialog shows v2024 b8056. File properties show File version 8.5.8056.

The plugins work normally. The error messages are coming from VirtualDJ. Try upgrading to the latest version.