I Cant connect touchdesigner with Resolume Arena

Hi how are things?

I am trying to connect Touchdesigner to Resolume Arena with Spout. I have made sure to download the latest version and when trying to connect TD with Resolume through the TOP “siphon spout out” I get the error “Unable to share Directx texture” (Image attached)

I have tested SpoutSender and SpoutReceiver simultaneously and I see that they work perfectly.

I have also enabled high performance graphics card for Resolume and Touchdesigner.

I share the System diagnostic log:

DirectX 9c installed
DirectX 11 device available
Processor : x64 (Genuine Intel)
Intel(R) Core™ i7-1065G7 CPU @ 1.30GHz
Supports : SSE2, SSE3 for CPU share
8 GB total memory.
NV_DX_interop extensions available
OpenGL/DX11 texture sharing succeeded
Compatible for OpenGL texture sharing

Thanks for the greeting. All is well.

Does the “Syphon Spout In” TOP show the same error?

The diagnostics show that it’s not a general hardware problem. But you do have dual graphics which requires some attention.

I am sure you have checked already, but just to make sure. If you have enabled the high performance graphics card for both Resolume and Touchdesigner by using the Nvidia control panel, the Windows Graphics Preferences will over-ride these driver settings if a Windows profile has also been created for each application. If so, you have to set up High Performance in the preference profiles as well.

Because TouchDesigner uses Vulkan, the shared texture is managed within the program. The developers can look at this if you post on the TouchDesigner forum and, if there is a specific issue I can help with, they will contact me directly.