I'm having trouble installing spout!

I’m having trouble installing spout! I pressed the 'ok 'button, but it didn’t respond!
Finally, I’m trying to link the Unreal Engine with the Resolume.
I installed the plug-in from the Unreal engine!
I’ll attach a capture photo file.
Please give me an answer.

Hi @whjc1300

are you having trouble downloading the latest Spout release?

Here is a direct download link to try.

There is no installer. Extract SPOUT-2007e.zip to any convenient folder. “Setup.pdf” contains instructions.

What Unreal plugin have you installed? If you attach an image of your problem it would be helpful.

Hi. Thank you for your reply.
But I still have a problem.

I opened it with the zip file you linked me to.
But there’s no installation file.
I attached the screenshot of the folder I opened.

When you connect the Unreal Engine to the Resolume ,
Do I just need to install the Unreal Engine plug-in?
Or should I install spout on Windows?

It’s the last thing I want to do!
But the spout isn’t responding.

No installation is required for Spout. Just run SpoutSettings. You will see various options but you can use the defaults. When you close SpoutSettings, these options are saved and will be used by all Spout programs. After that you can install and use the Unreal plugin.

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hey - it looks like its because you are running Unreal on a different GPU to Resolume or your computer is performance throttling.

You can see the steps to resolve this here

If you need more help, just join our Discord Community as it’s easiest to trouble-shoot on there! :slight_smile:

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