Spout on resolume?

Howdy, I am loving spout.
I have been using spout in Resolume for a few days without issues, getting signals from Touchdesigner and internally from Resolume itself.

Then the spout icon became greyed out in Resolume for no reason. Then I found out I had never installed Spout in my computer, although it run fine!?


  1. does Spout come packaged in Resolume or touch designer?
  2. is there a limit to spout instances? I am running a RTX4000 gpu

Hi @Rgbazd,

I am not sure why the icon was greyed out. It should work fine without any installation. No application needs to bundle anything. But it’s better if you do install Spout and then you know that it’s set up as you want.

In fact the latest download isn’t an installer at all. You just run “SpoutSettings” once, choose the settings you want and click OK. Then you can test with the demo programs. In case of problems you can do diagnostics and post the results here to find out what is happening.

Resolume are likely to want you to do that first. But if the icon is still greyed out you could ask them further.

On the second point, the maximum number of senders is 10 without installation, but with SpoutSettings you can set to whatever you need.

I hope this gets you going, but if not please come back and we will try to find out what the problem is.