Looking for a basic step by step

I have a very simple application in mind - getting video from an instance of Plex HTPC to Enttec ELM as a media source. I cannot find any documentation for this kind of basic functionality. I would love to read a manual but what I’ve seen in the download folder doesn’t help me very much. Any help appreciated!

The only way to get a Spout stream from Plex HTPC is by way of screen capture. OBS game capture should do it.
Create a “Game Capture” source".
In the Game Capture properties, select “Capture specific window” and select “Plex” or whatever the Plex HTPC window is named.
For some reason, I find that the “Transition” slider should be moved to the right once to get it to show.
Set Plex to full screen for maximum resolution.
Then you can the receive the OBS Spout output into Entec ELM.

OK, thanks for clarifying. I think since Plex HTPC automatically runs in full screen mode, it may be easier to just use the Screen Capture media type in ELM and not use Spout, especially if another intermediary app would be needed to get this to work.

If ELM has screen capture then that’s ideal.