MS Teams and SpoutCam

Hi Spout community

I’m big supporter of spout and we do alot since years with spout. Thanks to all of you for this great software.

I try to get SpoutCam into MS Teams App, but it does not show up in the camera list. I now tried the web MS Teams version and there it’s also not visible, there are surprisingly even some basler webCam in the network visible. On the same device it’s selectable and work perfect with skype and skype for business.

Any idea what to do, to get this running?


Hi Roger,

the most likely reason is that the Spout installler only registered the 32 bit version of SpoutCam and MS Teams is 64 bit. In case you have not seen it yet, get the latest update from here. Unzip the archive and follow the instructions in readme.pdf.

Important for you is the latest version of SpoutCamSettings which has a “Register” button that will register both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of SpoutCam.

I can go into further detail, but it’s best if you could first let me know how you get on with the update and whether this works for you.


See the last post in this thread for similar issues -

Hi Roger,
I know your question was a long time ago, but I have recently found that the problem with MS-Teams is lack of audio. Adding that support to SpoutCam is unlikely and it would be best to stay with the OBS virtual camera.