Problems sending videos from Resolume

There was a need to visualize the show made in Resolume Arena 7. We use the Realizzer visualizer. Our usual way of transmitting streaming video via NDI in this bundle did not work (We transfer video from MadMapper). For unknown reasons, Realizzer does not understand the parameter of transparency and gradation of brightness, working only in mode (0 and 100). Perplexed those. support of both companies. We know from experience that a solution to such situations will take several months. As an alternative, we decided to use video transmission via SPOUT to NDI. The result was not comforting - the converter has the same problems. In addition, he does not transmit masks(screen) Arena. Then we tried to transfer via SPOUT CAM. The problems listed above have been resolved, but there is a very large delay and slowdown of the video (SPOUT CAM is set to 800x600 30fps). What advice can be for solving the problem? Ideally, we would like to stream through the SPOUT to NDI converter)

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I found your post on the Resolume forum.

Spout to NDI does not alter the alpha texture value received. The output received from Resolume is passed on to NDI unchanged.

I would have to investigate further, as Zoltan has done. In your last video, you show the NDI result only in MadMapper, and Realizzer is not involved. Do you need to use Realizzer as well?

I tested with Arena and Realizzer.

  • start Arena, select a clip - East Mandella (RGBA) - Output > NDI ON - Spout > OFF
  • start Realizzer. Simple Demo Stage project.
  • Video Sources - Add - Add NDI - Select (Arena Composition) - Play - Preview
  • In Arena - Composition tab - Adjust Opacity

I confirm that Opacity has no effect unless zero, then the NDI received in Realizzer is black

  • In Arena - Output NDI > OFF - Output Spout > ON
  • start Spout to NDI (current version 2.006 downloaded from the Spout website)
  • in Realizzer, the NDI output comes back OK (the NDI sender name is the same)
  • in Arena, adjust composition Opacity

The result is now OK. I get varying opacity as expected.

Repeat everything for an RGB clip (Bluespace). Results are identical.

I don’t know the reason for this, but for me Spout to NDI works OK.

I just tested with MadMapper/Arena and can confirm that MadMapper NDI input is OK with changed opacity for the Arena Composition.

Thank you. :ok_hand: