Rekordbox to Resolume

I am sending the video from the Rekordbox to Resolume, it is receiving the source but the video does not show.

Thankyou for this. Sorry for the delay with this post. It was held by the security system for review. Fortunately you have been able to make contact by email.

It’s the same problem as previously reported.

It will help to examine the sender diagnostics and, to assist with that, here is a development copy of the sender selection dialog “SpoutPanel”, Version 2.58.

Run it once first and close it. This registers the program for receivers to use.
Then run RekordBox, followed by the Spout Demo Receiver.
RH click in the receiver window to bring up SpoutPanel 2.58.
Click on the texure details and you will see a sender report and buttons “Copy” and “Log folder”.
Click “Copy” and paste the result here.
Click “Log folder” and look for “Spout Demo Receiver.log”, this file should show any errors if they are produced.
Attach the file here or to an email or use a text editor and copy/paste the contents here.

Hey guys, thanks for getting back to me! I’ll give this a try and let you know how it goes :slight_smile:


Ok thanks. Sometimes it’s possible to work around a faulty program If we can find exactly what the fault is.