Spout Support for Rekordbox Video

Hey guys, I’m trying to output from Rekordbox v6.5.3 to Resolume v7.1 using Spout and I’m only getting a black screen :frowning: Spout seems to recognize the output in the Spout Panel, but nothing comes through.


Can someone please help me?


The first thing I see in the first image is “DirectX 9”. This should still work if the DirectX9c runtime is installed.

Before doing that, check with the Spout Demo Receiver. Then check again after installing, and probably a re-start.

You might also try the latest Spout release. Run SpoutSettings and check “Frame count” off. This was re-introduced to trace problems with old applications.

I tried to reproduce with RecordBox but I don’t see any options for video or Spout output. Maybe the free version doesn’t have it.

Hey Team!

Thanks for the quick response, my show is in 4 days and I really want to get this going :slight_smile:

Works fine with the demo receiver and it’s working fine from NestDrop.

I am using the latest release 2007g.

Tried installing the DirectX9c runtime and restarted machine and still having the same issue and in Spout Panel it’s still showing same DirectX 9:image

Tried without frame count and still no luck:

By the way did you get my last e-mail ? It wouldn’t let me attach more than one screenshot:

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Correct, you can only see video mode in the Pro version (I purchased a licence) but there are no output opens at all in RekordBox. It does output to a separate screen which I can fullscreen onto an external monitor, but that’s not what I want :slight_smile:

Demo receiver does NOT see RekordBox picture when RekordBox is selected as the sender:

Does the same thing with CPU sharing disabled also:


Happy to do a TeamViewer screen share if you’re available at all? My cell is +61 402 849 807

Your help is GREATLY appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Alex Curson


The caption text looks quite large. What is the hardware setup, particularly the graphics. You can get that from SpoutSettings > Diagnostics > Copy.

TeamViewer won’t help me much at this stage but I will keep it in mind. I really need to reproduce it here.

I am tracing this through, but in the meanwhile try this link program.

It was created to help with a DirectX9 application with incompatible texture format. It receives from a program and sends out again. It might work or it might not, but please try it while I look into this further.

CPU mode will definitely not work with a DirectX9 application.

Edit again
I realised that Resolume is showing up as DirectX 9 as well as RekordBox. That’s not right.
I assume you are using the latest 7.6.0 Rev79034. The diagnostic report might help.

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Had to create another account to reply. Plz contact me via email directly :slight_smile: vjspazz@gmail.com

The reason why the text is large is because I have 1x screen at 4k resolution and 2x screens at 1920x1080 and sometimes can vary in sizes when I screenshot or move windows around.

Using the Spoutlink-6 program and selecting Rekordbox gives me this:

email me at spout@zeal.co to get contact