Resolume recording issues

Hey so I want to record a video that is 17mins long but I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. I am pretty blind when it comes to this shit so any help would be amazing

OK so you have something in Resolume that you want to record. The record function in Resolume itself is designed for short clips, but there are a couple of alternatives.

Maybe the easiest thing to try is the LightJams video recorder. This is easy to use and could give you the result you want straight away.

The next option is OBS Studio, since Spout support has recently been released. It’s a bit more trouble to get working but has more options and is not too hard to get running. There is a very obvious “Start recording” button at right.

You should use the latest version of OBS Studio. Then install the Spout plugin. The release download has a simple installer. Once that’s done, restart OBS and add a new source. In Sources, RH click > Add > Spout capture. Then run Resolume and the Spout output will appear in OBS studio. Click “Start recording” and you should be in business. If you want to change output resolution, use Controls > Settings > Video. For output path, codecs and other things use Controls > Settings > Output > Recording.

I hope that’s helpful for you.